Quasar Partners with Pratus

August 23, 2021

We have exciting things happening at Quasar Consulting Group. After years of collaboration and months of consideration, we are pleased to welcome Pratus Group to the Quasar family.

The Quasar and Pratus partnership creates a strong synergy by combining Quasar’s mechanical and electrical engineering, ICAT, and smart building consulting with Pratus’ sustainability and energy management consulting. With an expanded opportunity to deliver across multiple market sectors, in tandem with enhanced service offerings, our goal remains the same, to drive high-performance building design that meets the needs of our clients while simultaneously reducing the impacts of climate change.

Entering this partnership was a thoughtful choice. Maintaining unparalleled service, project leadership, hands-on attention to detail, and personal touch our clients are accustomed to is of utmost importance. These are core values of Quasar and values that our two companies share.

We see this partnership as an opportunity to remain who we are while bolstering the valued relationship we have with Pratus, to elevate the positive influence we cumulatively have on the built environment.

Together we will leverage our expertise to provide an enhanced experience and service for our clients. We look forward to providing our combined and expanded services to the same level of excellence, commitment, and expertise that both of our companies’ clients and industry partners have come to know and love.

We hope you are as excited as we are!