Roman Trochanowski has joined us!

Quasar Consulting Group is thrilled to introduce and welcome Roman Trochanowski!

With over 13 years in the consulting engineering and construction industry, Roman’s career as a Professional Electrical Engineer has taken him through several of challenging assignments and exciting projects across Transportation, Commercial, Laboratories, Hospitality, Healthcare, and MissionCritical sectors.

Roman’s experience in project delivery includes traditional, Design-Build, and P3 project delivery methods. He enjoys the collaborative design, innovation, and engineering challenges on projects of all sizes and complexities.

He is uniquely passionate about engineering, keeps up to date with the latest advancements in engineering, IT and technology, and is always ready to share his thoughts on any technical topic and challenge the norms.

Roman’s experience, technical and business acumen, unique and genuine passion for this industry, and a focus on #Quality and #Service, are just an example of his strengths that will complement and strengthen Quasar’s strategic growth and our commitment to Quality, Service, Accountability and Relationships.

Welcome Roman!