We are thrilled to welcome Aleksandar Kostic!

Quasar Consulting Group is absolutely thrilled to announce and welcome a new Team Leader, Aleksandar Kostic, to our team!

Aleksandar is a professional mechanical engineer with diverse experience in healthcare, education, commercial, and transportation sectors, and has successfully-delivered several complex, multi-disciplinary projects over the years.

He is very experienced in the design of HVAC, BAS, plumbing and fire protection systems. In addition to his diverse engineering background, Aleksandar also has extensive experience in alternative project delivery models (DB, P3, IPD), as well as BIM.

He brings along a genuine passion for consulting engineering and design, a unique knack for problem solving, and an unwavering commitment to the team around him and the collective excellence in Client service and project delivery.

Aleksandar’s experience, technical and business acumen, unique and genuine passion for this industry will all certainly complement and strengthen Quasar’s strategic growth, as well as our commitment to Quality, Service, Accountability and Relationships – the values which stand in the Quasar name!