Welcome Craig Watson to our growing team!

Approaching 15 years in the consulting engineering industry, Craig’s career as a Professional Mechanical Engineer has taken him through a number of challenging assignments and exciting projects in Healthcare, Laboratories, Commercial, Residential, Education and Arts sectors.

He enjoys tackling projects of all sizes and complexities, with the goal of incorporating meaningful and innovative sustainable design strategies and solutions into all of the projects he works on.

Sometimes, to an untrained eye, a facility’s mechanical design may appear to be constrained by the overall design vision for the space. However, Craig prefers to see this as an opportunity to be innovative, to consider and implement new technologies, and re-purpose proven approaches to mechanical design with a keen focus on emerging technologies, energy and space-efficient designs.

In his free time, Craig enjoys working with his hands, and can be often heard speaking about his latest furniture-building project, home renovation, or car repairs and tuning,

Welcome Craig, we are thrilled that you are here!